Ernst Erland Kühn & Collier

The experience as a whole: the story is in the center, the arrangement at the forefront. Ernst Erland Kühn & Collier is a friendship that goes beyond music. Everyone gives and everyone gets. Jamie Collier will embrace you with his narrative lyrics and irresistible melodies. Ernst Erland Kühn delivers guitar solos with real substance, a commanding violin and a double bass with punch. There's also a lot of harmony singing and some real folk classics sprinkling their sets.

Born in Berlin

From the Lower Rhine, a region in the very west of Germany, Ernst Erland Kühn came to Berlin a few years ago. Jamie Collier by then had already grown into the Folk-Americana Scene of Germany’s political and cultural capital. The three music freaks from the German countryside and the far traveled Songwriter from New Zealand - a match, that happened in the famous pub Kindl Stuben - the musical institution in Berlin Neukölln.